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How to write my essay? This is a million dollar question which many students ask. This is because essay writing is not that easy as it seems. It requires loads of brain storming, research, writing, proofreading and so on. All these things really make life difficult for students and hence they keep asking questions such as how I can write my essay. They also search for ways that will help them to write their essay. If you are also the one who has no idea about how are you going to write your essay then here are some tips that will help you to write your essay.

How to write my essays: The answer

No matter whether you write an essay about myself or write an essay in any other language such as Urdu essays, the basic structure of an essay always remains the same. If you are doing all by yourself then first think about a topic to write. Give proper attention to the three important parts of your essay: the introduction, supporting body paragraphs and the conclusion. Ask yourself questions such as how to start the essay? How I am going to frame the introductory paragraph. If you don’t find answer to these questions then just follow these steps below and you will find the answer to your question on how to write my essays.

1) Writing the introduction: The introduction must be written in such a way so that it attracts the reader’s attention. If you are unable to write a good sentence that will not attract the reader’s attention then focus on framing sentences that will take the reader away from the introductory sentence to the thesis statement. Once done, you can end the introduction with the thesis statement.

2) Writing the body: In the body paragraphs you must describe, explain and argue about the points related to the topic and elaborate it neatly without any grammatical mistakes and typo errors. Every main idea that you have mentioned in outline should be included in the body paragraphs. For instance, if you have three or four main central ideas, you will have to put them in three or four paragraphs, with each paragraph dealing with a different idea.

3) Writing the conclusion: In the conclusion, sum up all your ideas and points and you must give your ultimate perspective that you have on the particular topic. Your conclusion should comprise a minimum of three powerful sentences that don’t need any further elaboration. You can do this by reviewing the central points of your essay. However, avoid restating the main ideas. The best way through which you can conclude your essay is by adding an anecdote.

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