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Starting an Essay

Your guide for starting an essay

Majority of students face trouble in starting an essay assigned to them as a part of their admission process or an assignment. Beginning an essay is in fact the biggest challenge which students have to face even if they have to write about themselves in essay about myself. If you are also the one who is facing this problem then here is a guide that will help you to start your essay.

Tips for starting essays

1. Start from anywhere: Whether you write Urdu essays or essays in English it is not necessary that you should begin writing your essay from introduction. You can start from anywhere you want. The best way for starting an essay is to list the points you want to mention in bullets and then develop these points into your personal statement.

2. Start with statistics: Our eyes are attracted towards numbers that are surprising. Hence, a quote that has some astonishing figures can really grab the attention of the readers. If you are unable to do proper research on getting the exact number you can still attract the reader by writing words such as ‘hundreds’ or ‘millions’ at the start of your essay.

3. Mention something controversial: This is one of ways of starting essays. Majority of people love to read about scams and scandals. A controversy also takes the brain of the reader by surprise and he/she starts reading further. Thus, controversies can also be good attention grabbers.

4. Write an anecdote: Starting an essay with an anecdote is the best way to make your essay more efficient. Mention an anecdote that represents a point. Keep it short, highlight the main points and make sure that it relates to your topic.

5. Cite a quote: Citing a famous quote can help you to strike a chord with the reader especially if the reader is familiar with the quote. A quote from a famous person can really tend the reader to read further as he/she may like to know more about what the person has to say. Thus, citing a quote is a good way for starting essays. However, while citing a quote, make sure that you mention a quote that is relevant to your topic.

Follow these tips and you will be able to start your essay with a good impact on the mind of the reader. If you are having difficulty in starting an essay or writing an essay as a whole then you must know that there are many essay writing services to help you. One of the best essays writing service is At, you will not only get good custom-made essays but also get tips on writing a research proposal example. You will get your essay done through expert professionals and this is what makes different from other writing services. also has a good customer service which is there to help you whenever you are in need. If this is not enough then at you will also get all your money back if you are not satisfied with their work.

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