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GRE Essays

Tips to write GRE Essays

The Graduate Record Examination or GRE essay can be challenging but with the right kind of preparation you can easily be able to score great marks in this type of essay. In such type of essay, you are required to do two tasks: issue writing and argument analysis task. You are graded on a standard of zero to six bases where six is the highest marks which you can score. Fluency, organization and technicality are the main criteria on which the evaluators grade your GRE essay which are then averaged together and brought to the closest half point which ultimately makes your final score.

Follow these guidelines to write a GRE essay

Whether you write Urdu essays or essays in English, you will always write a perfect essay if you have a proper guidance. This holds true even when writing an essay about myself wherein you know what to write and how to write about yourself. The same thing applies to GRE essays. Here are some tips that will help you to do both the tasks easily in your Graduate Record Examination.

I. Issue writing tips:

1. Choose a prompt: The first step towards issue writing is to choose an appropriate prompt of the two that are provided to you during the test. Choose the one in which you have a knowledge about.

2. Select a proper angle: Once you have selected a prompt, select a proper angle of the issue. Following guidelines will help you to choose an angle:

  • Agree or disagree with the issue
  • Agree with some parts and oppose the others
  • Show how the issue is full of logical flaws
  • Compare the issue with contemporary society

3. Choose a proper plan: Time management is important while writing essays; hence, you need to make best use of your time. For this, make a plan and stick to it.

4. Start writing: Write your essay keeping in mind your audience who are mostly going to be trained GRE graders and evaluators.

II. Tips for argument analysis task:

1. Analyze the matter: While attempting the argument task analyze the details such as the evidence, proof, assumptions and so on.

2. Examine the logic: Your next step would be to start reasoning. Look whether the author has made any kind of illogical assumptions. See if the conclusion drawn by the writer is rational and logical. Mention everything which you think the author could have included.

3. Make an Outline: Jot down the illogical elements of the prompt and correct them with your rationale. Support your claims with proper evidence.

4. Write it down: Keep your audience in mind. Search for ways that will help you to convince your readers in the most effective way. Pay more attention on your analytical skills while writing the GRE essays.

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