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Engineering Essay

Forms of Engineering Essay

Engineering is a practice of gaining knowledge from various fields to develop new ideas and apply them in a form which will be useful to the society. People practicing engineering are called engineers who gain and apply scientific, practical, social, mathematical and economic knowledge in development of machines, systems, structures, devices, processes and materials.

Engineering is a broad discipline and is regularly divided into several categories. These fields of engineering can be differed according to the different areas of applications. Traditionally there were six fields of engineering namely; Aerospace, Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Biomedical. With the advancement of technology new fields have emerged like computers, automobile and so on.

Engineering essay takes different forms according to the student writing the essay, the course he is studying or applying to, the objective of writing the essay and so on. Engineering essays are always research based if you are an engineer or want to be one, as you need to have knowledge of the field you want to pursue your career in. no matter whether you write English essays or Urdu essays, the research involved on the topic you choose is only what matters in an engineering essay. Some of the different forms engineering essay takes are as follows;

  1. General engineering essay
  2. Engineering course admission essay
  3. Engineering topic research essay (related to a particular field)
  4. Engineering project report essay

Discuss the following points while handling the above engineering essays:

1) The first type of essay can be attempted by anyone belonging to any course. It can be written as an analytical essay highlighting the different aspects of engineering. You can discuss what an engineering course demands and what are the responsibilities of an engineer. As we have seen, you can discuss the various fields of engineering and their areas of application. For instance, if you are writing an essay on chemical engineering then you may write an essay of the topic “Past, Present, and Future of Chemical Engineering”.

2) Next type is a form of admission essay which is required to be submitted by an engineering course aspirant written as an “essay about myself”. This essay needs a lot of research on the course you want to pursue. The admission committee search for your knowledge and perspective of the course. So you have to discuss your skills, interests and also the motivation for the engineering course you are applying. For instance, if you want to apply for civil engineering course you will be explaining how it is right for you and how it will shape your future.

3) The third type of engineering essay is a technical paper engineering students have to submit as a part of their course. These are normally research based essays where you need to research on a particular technical topic and compile an essay. Preferably discuss the current trends or events related to the topic. Some of the essay topics are; Integrated Circuit technology of electrical engineering; construction engineering of civil; and so on.

4) Project essays are based on a technical project you are interested in or want to research on. You may have to submit research proposal example as a part of your project describing the technicalities of the project. The points you need to include in your project report are; project goal and purpose, background knowledge, development procedures to be followed and the design of the project.

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