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Persuasive Essay

Why some students are afraid of writing a persuasive essay? Maybe because of the fact that they will convince the readers to accept whatever they have to say on a topic. Well, this is not a difficult thing to do. It is like discussing a subject with your friend and enticing him to accept your thoughts and ideas. So if you are ready to write an essay in the persuasive form, then let us discuss how you can start with it.

Let us discuss first the topic selection aspect. Choosing a topic for any types of essays should be a careful task to do. You should have a topic that is significant and relevant to the readers. This will make your arguments more acceptable because they can relate with the topic. In addition, the topic of interest should be familiar to you. It is necessary that you have some sort of knowledge on the topic so that you can easily convey what you have to say to the readers. Lastly, the subject should be unique and interesting. It should at least attract readers because of its popularity and significance.

The first part of the persuasive essay is the same as with any other essay formats. The introduction will contain the essay hook. This is the bait to entice readers. Next, it should contain a brief discussion on why the topic was selected by the writer. Moreover, it should contain the background of the topic. Lastly, it must have a thesis statement, which will be the central convincing factor for the persuasive essay.

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Once you have established the introduction, the next step is to write the body paragraphs. How many parts should the body contain? It will depend on the preference of the writer. Moreover, the number of evidences should affect the number of parts in the body. But this is not the main concern in writing this essay. You have to concentrate on building your credibility so that your claim will have a certain weight. The more credible you are, the more convincing your essay will be. How do we build credibility? The main task for you is to provide proofs and evidences to your ideas and opinion. If you can provide sufficient proofs, then you can build your credibility, which will therefore translate to the essay’s convincing power.

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The last part of the persuasive essay is of course the conclusion. All discussions should end in a conclusive part where you may summarize what you have said in the remaining parts of the essay. Moreover, you should re-establish your claim in the thesis statement. This way, you have truly composed a good persuasive essay. Do not forget to proofread your work and cite the reference materials that you used.

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