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Opinion Essay

Each one of use has his own take and  understanding on any given topics. That is why it is important that we know how to defend our evaluation and analysis of things. It is the opinion that matters and each one of us has his own opinion. In writing an opinion essay, the main intention is to deliver the ideas and thinking of the writer to the readers. It may be about an issue, an event or a dilemma that the writer needs to tackle. Therefore, our main topic for today will be about writing an essay on opinion.

An opinion essay follows that same steps in writing an ordinary article. Let us first start with the topic. For sure, you do not have an idea how to choose the best topic for an essay. First, you have to make sure that that topic is significant to the readers. Second, it should be something that entices a discussion and provokes the thoughts of the readers. Third, you should be familiar with the topic. This is crucial because you need to defend your ideas on the subject.

An opinion essay needs to follow an outline for writing. This is the main backbone of the discussion of the topic. With a good outline, you can make sure that the things you want to convey will be in a logical arrangement. Therefore, an outline will serve as your guide in discussing the topic and then incorporating your proofs and evidences to support your thesis.

What are the basic parts of the essay? An essay needs at least three parts. The introduction is the segment where you will introduce your topic to the audience. It gives you a chance to acquaint the readers with the issue that you wish to tackle. The intro also contains the thesis statement therefore; it becomes the catalyst to start a discussion.

The next part is the body. This segment may contain one or more paragraphs. The main goal of the body is to support the thesis statement. Since you are writing an opinion essay, the body paragraphs will the place for you to establish your opinion. It is important that you include proofs and evidences to support your opinion. Otherwise, you will not be able to persuade your readers to accept your ideas.

The last part of the essay is the conclusion. This segment will summarize what you have said in the other segments of the article. It will also become the place to reiterate what you have said regarding the issue on the topic. Moreover, you can justify the thesis once again in this concluding part.

After writing all the parts of the opinion essay, make sure that you proofread each paragraph. Then you may submit the article to your teacher.

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