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Middle School Writing Prompts

If you are going to write an essay, then you need to know the different middle school writing prompts that teachers may give you. As you know, there are only two cases in choosing a topic for an essay. Either you are going to choose your own topic or your teacher will provide you one. In the case of the latter, the teacher will simply give you writing prompt to get started with an essay. However, what is a writing prompt? A prompt is an instruction that you need to accomplish. Usually, it is in essay question. However, a prompt can also be in the form of a request or command. What you should know about the prompt is that you need to respond to it. This respond will then be the main reason why you will be writing an essay.

Before you write your essay using middle school writing prompts, you must carefully listen to your teacher or read the instructions of his prompt. This way, it will be clearer to you what he asks the whole class to do. Actually, a teacher may give a single prompt for the whole class. This way, he can identify who has the capacity to write a quality essay since all of you will have a general topic to write. If you will understand the prompt very well, then you will be able to compose an essay that your teacher expects you to produce.

Next, it is important that you have a certain goal of writing. The first part is understanding the prompt. The second part is knowing how you will attack it. It means you need to devise a plan how you will respond to the prompt. This is easy since you may create an essay outline first before writing the actual article. With an outline, you will have the chance to manage whatever you want to say in the essay. Make sure to look for an outline example.

Afterward, you need to look for materials that will become the very source of info you will use for the writing task. You may use any documents from books to internet sites to published articles. It does not matter as long as you know how to cite them with referencing styles. The possible formats are Harvard, APA or MLA. Make sure to do in-text citation, apply pagination styles and create a bibliography page.

Now, you can write the entire essay. As always, the article must have the three most important parts. These are the introduction paragraph, the body and the conclusion. You have to follow the plan of the outline so you can manage the contents of your article. Afterward, you must proofread your work before submission. Now, that you understand how middle school writing prompts can affect your essay, you can start viewing some of our samples in the Archives.

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