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How to Write a Literature Review

Even though you are only going to write an essay, it is important that you already know how to write research paper parts. Actually, thesis papers are simply a collection of independent essay chapters. So if you are not aware of the procedures in thesis chapter writing, then this article is for you. Today, we will discuss how to write a literature review part.

An essay will include at least three paragraphs. The introduction is the main presenter of the topic. It takes care of presenting the topic to the readers for them to understand. It is also the main provider of the thesis statement. The body paragraphs will contain the main discussions of the topic. It can include supporting details to affirm the thesis sentence. Lastly, the conclusion will be the main summary of the essay discussion. It will also give the readers the resolution to the problem statement. So where do we put a literature review?

A literature review is only necessary if you are going to conduct research. As you know, there are some topics for essays where you need to apply research. The main objective of including a literature review is to compose a summary of other works that relate to the topic. In most cases, the review will be a special proof that the topic is significant. It is because you can find other writers who have conducted research on the same topic.

Writing the literature review starts with the acquisition of materials for research. You need to acquire many materials so that you can establish your claims. Once you have acquired enough resource information, you can then create an outline. The outline of your review should include all the documents that you have acquired. One at a time, gather info for each material and then list them. They should only include those data that relate to your topic of interest. Afterward, write an essay that will summarize all the details that you gathered. Relate them all to your plan of writing.

When writing the literature review, make sure that you also apply the citation styles appropriate to your subject. Science and technology can use APA while literature and humanities may use MLA. Just follow the procedures in in-text citation and bibliography writing and you will be fine.

Should you need to see some samples of essays, we have them for you in the Archives. Do not worry; these documents are all free of charge. This way, we hope that you will learn how to write a literature review. If you need custom writing service, simply fill out the order form in our website. Our writers will be available to you soon. Send us your order details anytime.

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