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Writing Informative Essay

A Guide on Writing Informative Essay

Writing Informative EssayInformative essays are meant to provide new information to readers. Writing informative essays is not about providing your view of the topic but to provide information to a person who does not have any knowledge on the topic. While writing informative essays you take the role of a teacher or an educator and assume that the reader of the essay does not have a basic knowledge of the topic.

Informative essays can be based on variety of topics ranging from current or historic events, science and technology, health care to even a personal topic. You can write an essay containing information of your personality or an unforgettable experience which is similar to a situation where you are asked to write an essay about myself.

Tips on writing informative essays:

Decide a good topic:

Choosing a relevant topic is an important step while writing informative essay. Because you have to choose a topic that is relatively new and which may not be known to all. Better way is to select a topic you like or based on a field you are interested in, this will enable you to write a thorough informative essay.

Decide a tentative thesis statement:

Before you start researching about the topic you selected, you need to decide how you will be approaching it. For instance if you are writing an informative essay on Global warming, you may want to write about the causes and effects of global warming or the preventive measures taken or even about the climate summits held and the conclusions reached. You need to decide on a tentative thesis statement which will guide you through your research. This may not be the final thesis statement as you may change your approach when you gain more information about the topic.

Research about the topic:

Now start researching about what you want to include in your essay. The better way of doing this is to think about what questions will come in the mind of a reader of the essay. Then try to find answers to those questions. You can research about your topic in newspapers or internet. But be sure that the sources you are referring are reliable and trustworthy.

Start writing informative essay:

Whether you write Urdu essays or essays in English you need to follow a structure. The predefined structure for writing any essay is introduction, body and conclusion. Start with a gripping introduction relevant to your topic and finalized thesis statement. The introduction should be short and should describe in brief what you are going to describe in your essay. Next start with the body paragraphs. Each paragraph should cover particular relevant information about the topic and make sure you maintain a flow between paragraphs. Cover all points in the body paragraph which will support your conclusion. At the end write a short conclusion summarizing all the points in your essay.

Proofread your essay:

After writing informative essay or any essay you should always proofread it for typo and grammatical errors.

Though these tips will help you in writing informative essays, if you need any professional help you can choose They provide custom made essays on wide range of topics and can also provide a research proposal example. They also have a money back guarantee in place in case you are not satisfied with their work.

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