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Teaching Essay Writing

Teaching Essay Writing

Teaching Essay Writing In Schools

Essay writing has become one of the most important aspects in schools. Owing to the specific nature of essays, many teachers or educators are finding it difficult to teach students about writing a perfect essay. For people who are assigned a task of teaching essay writing but don’t know how to approach then these steps will help you to teach essay writing to students.

Teaching essays writing to students

Have an open mind:

This is one of the core aspects in the process of teaching essay writing to students. Whether you teach Urdu essays or essays in English to students you should not forget basics of essay writing that are followed in simple essay topics such as ‘to write an essay about myself’. It will just be an added advantage if you come up with your own ideas and approach that will help students to grasp the idea of essay writing easily.

Use the five paragraph essay structure:

Majority of English school essays are based on the concept of five paragraph essays. Thus, to ease the learning process of essay writing you should tell your students to bifurcate their essays into small body paragraphs. Teach your students about the importance of creating an outline.

Help your students in selecting a thesis:

This forms the crux of teaching essay writing to students. Many students find it difficult to select a thesis and hence spoil their chances of writing a good essay. You need to ease this process. Ask your students to select a thesis and tell them to write a few sentences on them. Help them in writing argumentative sentences.

Provide them with sources of research:

Teaching essay writing is incomplete without providing your students with tips of doing a proper research. Ask your students to refer to journals, magazines, newspapers, Internet and other sources of information based on the topic of the essay. Tell them how to sort out the relevant information and then how to add it in the essay.

Easing the tension of students should be the main objective of teaching essays writing to students. The key lies in providing your students with as many writing tools as possible. Encourage creativity and provide your students with some tips on how they can write a creative essay. Ask them to give relevant examples in the essay pertaining to the topic.

These were some of the tips that will ease the process of teaching essays writing to students in school. For those who want samples of essays they will easily get it from essay writing services. The best essay writing service that provides custom-made essays written from professionals is The main essence of is you will not only get custom-made essays written from professionals but will also get tips on writing research proposal example. These tips can prove highly beneficial for students and they will be able to write a good research proposal based on these tips. The round the clock customer service of and sample essays on various topics really make them stand out from other services.

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