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Short Essay Writing

It is a relaxing way to write an article if the teacher only requires a short essay-writing task. For all its simplicity, you can have a fun way to deliver what you want to tell your readers. A short essay still has to follow the same procedures in writing an essay in a regular way. However, since we call it short essay, it means thou can write it in a very short way. This does not necessarily mean that you can write a lousy article. It will still involve the same skills and writing abilities that you already know in terms of writing a normal essay. The only thing that differentiates it form others is the length. So what are the basics in short essay writing?

Short essay writing should start with a good topic. Any essay must have a topic that is interesting. if you can create a short narrative, then you can create an essay with a good topic. You may consider any subjects as long as it is important, necessary for discussion, has many supporting details, is feasible for research and most importantly it is interesting and unique.

Later, you also need to write an outline for your short essay. The essay must have an outline so that you can plan ahead what you want to include in the article. With the use of an outline, you will have an idea how the essay will progress. Moreover, the plan of writing will give you full control of what the essay will achieve. Most of the time, outlines are also useful in troubleshooting any errors that may happen later on.

What essay types can we write for a short essay? You can simply use any essay formats that you are already familiar with. For example, if you wish to tell a short story, then write a narrative essay. if you want to establish a claim on a given issue, then write an argumentative essay. Or, you can write a persuasive essay if you want to convince your readers that your opinion is valid.

Can we also include some research procedures in a short essay? In any types of articles, you can always include a research process. However, it may be too restrictive if you will do this in a short essay since you only have a few words to deal with. But in any case you can do this, simply cite your reference materials.

Now, you can start the short essay writing. Introduce the topic of interest in the introduction part. Discuss the concept of the essay in the body paragraphs. Lastly, summarize the discussion in the conclusion. These are all the necessary parts of any regular essay. Do not forget to proofread your work.

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