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School Essay

What is a school essay? There are many ways for us to express our thoughts and feelings. This can be done using the platform of writing activities. But sometimes, we are forced to follow a format in order for others to evaluate our skills. This is where writing school essays come into consideration.

Yes we can always write an essay according to our feelings and opinions. You can sit below a three and marvel at the works of nature and then translate them into an essay of you own. However, not all the time that we can come up with good essay topics that are structured the way we want them to be. If you are a student, you will always need to follow the instructions of the teachers or the curriculum in order to pass a subject. So what are the differences between writing a personal essay and a school essay?

A personal essay may take into account everything about your character. You can write anything that you want to write about just like telling a story in an informative essay style. But for a school essay, there is always a grading structure that you need to follow. For example, it is important that you have the Introduction paragraph, the Body and then the Conclusion. All of these may not be present if you want to simply write your own essay. But for a formal school learning activity, such parameters are involved in the grading system so you need to follow them.

School essays may also require you to add some more parts in a file. An essay cover page, a bibliography page and pictures and diagrams may be integrated in your document as additional requirements. This can somehow teach you how to develop essays with a more professional outlook.

Lastly, school essays have definite goals of writing. You can argue using argumentative research paper topics, persuade your readers, present cause and effect reasoning and even expose things that are normally taken for granted. These characteristics of school essays make them ideal tools for evaluation purposes.

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