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Scarlet Letter Essays

The Scarlet letter is a novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne published in 1850. This is one of the most important works of the author and is a very well accepted work in the world of literature and the arts. That being the case, many teachers require their students to write Scarlet Letter essays as their project at school. These essays can be as a seatwork, final project or as an assignment. If you are going to write this kind of an article, then you should have an idea how to proceed with the writing task. This will be our main agenda for today’s post.

Scarlet Letter essays must still incorporate the very basic parts of an ordinary article. This is because all types of essays, no matter what the topic and agenda of writing is, need to include the three basic essay paragraphs that the academic world recognizes. These are the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. The introduction paragraph is the main topic presenter of the essay. It will give your readers some new ways to understand the topic. Moreover, you will try to acquaint the readers with the Scarlet Letter novel. The body paragraphs are the main discussion platforms of an essay. It will give support to the main topic. Of course, it will also be the segment where the thesis statement will have strength and reason. Lastly, the conclusion part will wrap up and summarize the whole discussion in the essay. It will also give the resolution to the problem statement is ever it has produced a problem or issue.

What are the possible ways to write Scarlet Letter essays? You have the power to choose the purpose of writing an essay. In this case, it is your discretion as to what goal of writing to trek. However, we will give some suggestions for you to start writing your essay about Scarlet Letter.

Character Analysis – This kind of essay will tackle the different characters of the novel. It can also be an analysis on how each character influenced the overall flow of the story. One notable character of Scarlet Essay is Hester Prynne. You may start with her in your analysis.

Plot Description – You can also write Scarlet Letter essays by realizing the main plot of the novel. You can discuss how the novel gradually approached the climax and how the issues were resolved. Write your personal analysis about this and you can possibly relate the story to any actual events in real life.

Theme Analysis – A Scarlet Letter essay can also discuss the theme of the novel. The most prominent themes are Past and Present comparison and Sin. You will realize that most of the novel’s contents point to any of these themes as the story progresses.

We would like to help you further in writing Scarlet Letter essays. If you have more questions, simply send us a message anytime.

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