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Sample of Research Proposal

The research proposal of any research papers is the main agenda for writing. It is comparable to the essay outline. The proposal will give the writer a chance to see what will happen to the research paper even before writing it. Moreover, the proposal empowers the researcher to have a plan so that he can do the research in the best possible way. However, not all students are able to write a quality proposal. Therefore, they need to look for a sample of research proposal. This can also become a problem because many sources of samples are not credible. So before you search for such materials, let us discuss first the components of a regular research proposal.

Bear in mind that all proposals will contain the same chapters and parts of a complete dissertation, research paper or thesis. Therefore, if you know these parts, you already know how to write a proposal. The main difference is that the proposal is just a plan. You still cannot say that you have a research paper because it is just a plan of action. So what do we include in a proposal?

In the introduction part, you can designate it to include the thesis statement. You can also include some problem statements that you wish to solve in the course of researching and writing. Moreover, the intro should define the main reason why you have selected a particular topic.

The literature review part will discuss the sources of materials for your review. You can enumerate the different sources and tell your adviser why you have selected those sources. Explain in the proposal the significance of each material that you will use for the research.

Meanwhile, the methodology part will explain the very methods that you will use for the research process. This should contain details on what data acquisition method you will apply and how you will analyze it. You are still on the planning stage so inform your readers the main reason why you have selected those methods.

Now, you cannot have anything in the data part so you can jump to the conclusion. This is also a temporary part since you cannot have details in it. For a sample of research proposal, the same thing applies. What you can do is to include your assumptions or “guesses” to what the research paper will produce.

We can provide you a sample of research proposal. If you wish to see some of our sample materials, then you can simply go to our dedicated page where you can download a copy anytime. We also provide articles to our readers that contain info on how to write an essay or research paper. Go to our Archives for these articles.

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