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Romeo and Juliet Essay

What is the main reason why teachers require Romeo and Juliet essay writing? Is it simply just for personal fun? Or is it beneficial for the students? Apparently, the answers to these questions lie on the fact that essay writing is a good way to enhance the skills of the students in at least two major education segments. First is that they will be able to learn how to write effectively in a coherent manner. Second, this type of activity allows them to do researches to find additional info about a topic.

So, do you think it is worthy to write essay?

In a literary composition like the Romeo and Juliet article, it is important that you are able to first read the entire novel before writing about it. Sometimes, the use of an external composition will allow you to expand your imagination and knowledge about a particular topic. In this case, the teacher might simply allow you to compose an essay out of the novel using your own decision in writing an article.

What are the basic types of essays pertaining to a Romeo and Juliet essay ?

A narrative essay is one good option when writing a novel based article. Since you will simply need to retell the story, it is much easier and does not require a rigorous approach in thinking. If you want your readers to know some details about the novel when they have not read it yet, then you may simply opt to narrate the story in your own words.

Another type of essay would be the opinion essay writing approach. This type of article will tend to provide your mindset and your feelings about the story in the novel. Since Romeo and Juliet is considered to be a tragic story, you may inject your thinking on why such story was very popular and commended by literary masters. You may simply give out what you feel about the story and whether you can relate it to your personal experiences.

Next is the process essay. As you may notice, when you read the novel, it is a bit chronological in nature especially when it comes to the sequence of the events. In this way, you may write a process essay according to how the events gradually took place in the story. You may initiate the procedure from simple step-by-step notion and then increase the intensity of event explanation.

A Romeo and Juliet essay need not be too complicated if you want to write according to your preference. Sometimes, it is also crucial that you input your personal thoughts in a composition rather than using make-believe writing. If you are planning to go beyond the scope of the details about the novel, you may also expand your horizons of discussion if you are going to use some other Shakespearean novel like Macbeth. Of course, you may also write a Macbeth essay in a different strategy. The important thing is to write according to your self motivation.

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