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Research Proposal Sample

What can we do to perfect our research paper writing? You can use a research proposal before conducting research. Apparently, many students consider a proposal to be something that involves thesis papers and dissertations. Well this is only part true. It is because even if you are simply writing an essay, you can still apply research to your writing task. This way, you will also need to write a research proposal to become your guide material. Let us discuss how you can get a research proposal sample.

A research proposal is simply a plan of writing that you want to execute. Usually, research papers need them because the writer needs to make sure that he is on the right track of researching. But sometimes, an essay can require a research proposal too. This is much better to do because the writer will have the chance to prepare what he has to discuss in the article. So what are the parts of a research proposal?

In a normal research paper, you need the following parts:

Introduction will give the readers the topic background. It will present the main thesis statement of the research goal.

Literature review will give the sources of info that the writer will use for the review and relate that to the topic of interest.

Methodology chapter will provide details on how the research will be done and where the writer will acquire his resources.

The conclusion part will simply provide assumptions and guesses on what will happen after the research.

As you can see, the components of the proposal reflect that of a normal research paper. However, you do not need them all because you are writing an essay. Now, that you know the standard parts of the proposal, you can start writing your document. However, if you still need to see a research proposal sample, you can still find them online. Let us give you some tips how to get the best samples from the internet.

First, make a list of the topics that you wish to tackle.  This will make your search easier.

Second, use a search engines like Yahoo or Google to look for proposal samples.

Third, once you found a website, evaluate its credibility and reputation.

Fourth, make sure that the website provides free copies of research proposals.

Lastly, look for contact details on how you can contact the website for additional questions that you may have.

A research proposal sample is not hard to find especially that the internet is not available. What you need is a credible website that will provide you the samples that you need. By the way, we have a dedicated Samples page on this website. You may download free essay samples from the database anytime.

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