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Research Proposal Format: Style and Purpose

What is the correct research proposal format? In essay writing we usually are confined to use the three-part format. This will include the Introduction, the Body and the Conclusion. However, when it comes to writing a research paper, there are some parts needed in order to make any essays a source of new knowledge based on certain study procedures. Let us discuss what these additional parts are.

Essays do have a certain goal. You can simply write a narrative essay to tell a story; an informative essay to share details about a topic or a comparative essay to provide the similarities and difference between the two subjects. However, when it comes to research paper wiring, there is a need for you to look for answers that will complement the question at hand. Therefore a research proposal format will require more parts than the usual segments found in common articles.

A research proposal format will still have the three parts necessary for essay writing. But for the course of discovering new knowledge the following chapters will be included:

  • Literature Review: Summary of another work reference
  • Methodology: Procedures involved in researching
  • Data: Presentation of Data values
  • Analysis: Calculations needed for statistical confirmation
  • Results: Answer to the problem statement based on the analysis

There are other chapters that you could input in your research proposal format. If you want a complete and very professional looking article, you can check the entries in the archive for more information on how to write a research paper. In the meantime take note of the presented additional chapters for research paper writing.

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