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Reflective Essay

If you have a chance to write a reflective essay, would you do it? It seems that not so many students know how to write a reflective essay. That is why we will talk about the procedures involved in writing a reflective essay so that you can also start composing your own paper. However, before we talk about the basic steps in writing this article, let us first define what a reflective essay is. A reflective essay is a composition that discusses the writer’s experience, ideas, thoughts and opinions about a particular topic. The main goal in writing the essay is to build a network of reflections from topics so that the reader will have a second approach of understanding of the subject. It is only a little ironic that this fluid essay requires a lot of patience in writing. It will require you to plan and structure the discussions in the most effective way. Let us get started; here are the basic steps on how to write a reflective essay.

Choose the best opening paragraph for your topic. A reflective essay must easily catch the attention of your readers. Create a “stir” in your opening sentence by putting a very enticing hook sentence. Usually, a normal essay can have hooks like questions, provocative sentences, generalizations or quotes. You can experiment and evaluate what hook is best for your topic. Afterward, make sure that you also put a strong thesis statement in the introduction paragraph. This is the main idea of the reflective essay that you have to write and reflect on. Moreover, try to add some sub-thesis statements beneath the main one. This will then expand your discussion horizons for the essay.

When writing the main body of the reflective essay, you have to include your personal thoughts and experience on the topic. You can do this by remembering your accounts with the topic and talk about how it has affected you. Most of the time, a reflective essay should is written in a way that presents the writer’s personal opinion and take on the topic at hand. For example, if you are writing about an experience having a fight, describe the situation so that the readers will have a vivid collection of info about the event. Make sure that you have a smooth transition of sentences and paragraphs to make the article coherent.

Lastly, write the reflective essay’s conclusion paragraph. It should contain the very generalization of the whole article. What you can do is to build the experience of the reader and help him realize that your experience and reflections are all worth accepting. Put a conclusion that will make the readers believe all what you have said. This aspect will then push your essay content into a seemingly universal truth and will let the readers absorb what you have told them so far. The conclusion paragraph also needs a closing statement that should be the general reflection of the writer.

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