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Proposal Essay Ideas

Proposal Essay Ideas

Proposal Essay Ideas for You

In a proposal essay you have to convince your readers about your point of view and ideas. In such type of essay you really have to bring the audience near to your way of thinking. Just like to write an essay about myself or any other essay we divide it into three parts – introduction, body and conclusion, we follow the same procedure in a proposal essay. Many students find it difficult to find the appropriate proposal essay idea to start. If you are one of them then here are some proposal essay ideas for you.

A proposal essay idea can take the following forms:

Making a purchase:

This is one of the simplest ideas based on which you can write an essay. People are often confused when it comes to buying a product, hence you can help them solve this problem. For this, you first need to research about the products and try it yourself before arriving at any conclusion. You can also mention some of the books which you think should be included in your school library, as a part of your research.

Give alternatives:

People just love when they are provided with alternatives. Thus, giving an alternative to people in your essay can be a good proposal essay idea. You can take a law which you think needs to be amended or a policy that needs to be changed with alternatives for the same. By providing multiple options and alternatives to your readers you will definitely end-up writing a good proposal essay.

Problems that need to be resolved:

This is one of the best proposal essay ideas on which you can write an essay. In this, you can include range of topics such as lack of transparency in the functioning of the government or other national issues that concern large number of people. However, while writing on this proposal essay idea you should have a universal solution to the problem. This will help you to convince your readers about your point of view which is main objective of this type of essay.

These were some of the proposal essay ideas based on which you can write your proposal essay. Whether you write Urdu essays or essays in English your essay will be incomplete if you don’t write a good introduction. In this case, you need to write an introduction describing the need of the proposal. Fill the body paragraphs with your researched information and reiterate the problem and the solution you propose in the conclusion.

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