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Plagiarism Essay

How to Avoid Unintentional Plagiarism Essay

Plagiarism Essay
Plagiarism is one thing which students need to avoid at any costs. This is because whether you have plagiarized an essay intentionally or unintentionally you will have to bare its repercussions. Majority of times it happens that students don’t purposely plagiarize while writing their essay but it happens unintentionally. The only instance where plagiarism doesn’t take place is while writing an essay on topic like ‘essay about myself’. If you are the one who is looking for ways to avoid writing unintentional plagiarism essay then here are some tips that will help you.

Before moving on how to avoid the plagiarism essays, it will be better if we first look at what plagiarism exactly means. Plagiarism is the process of stealing or passing off the words or even ideas of others as one’s own. It is basically the process of using others works without giving them proper credit. It is considered as one of the most serious violations in academic writing. If you are caught plagiarizing an essay, chances are you can also be expelled from the high school or university. Thus, it is important to avoid plagiarism in academic writing.

Plagiarism essays: Avoiding tips

Do a comprehensive research:

Whether you are writing Urdu essays or essays in English you have to take care of plagiarism. One way to do this is to conduct a comprehensive research on the topic on which you are writing the essay. Also, start documenting the sources which you are referring to before starting the research. This will help you to keep a record of the sources from where you have conducted the research.

Start early:

Majority of students write a plagiarized essay only because they keep it for the last minute. If you really want to avoid writing a plagiarism essay then you will have to start it as early as possible.

Give citations properly:

This is the best thing you can do to avoid plagiarism essays. Cite everything that you have learned while working on your essay. While citing, see that you use the right citation technique throughout your essay.

Cover variety of topics:

Even if you are asked to write an essay about a particular department it is better to add some different things that you feel can be relevant to the essay.
These were some of the tips that will help you to avoid plagiarism in essays. Once you learn how to make your essays plagiarism free then you will not only receive higher grades but will also increase your knowledge base.

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