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Page style and In-Text Citation in an MLA Research Paper

An MLA research paper is one of the many types of articles that follow a citation principle defined by the academic world. If you are going to write an essay, you should at least have an idea how to build the structures of articles based on the American Language Association’s principles. Let us take a look at how a research proposal example can be written in an MLA format.

MLA research papers have distinct principles when it comes to page styles. If you want to use essay examples you can do so but in this case, let us give you first an idea how to write an essay outline for page and citation with an MLA structure. Writing your pagination means to write your last name at the upper right hand corner of each page in the document. This is also followed by the page number for each leaf in your research paper. Take a look at the examples below:

“Sanders 3” “Spears 124” , where the first entry is your last name and the second entry is the corresponding page number.

Another scope of an MLA research paper is in-text citation. If you are going to paraphrase an exact line from the cited source, you can use the terms “according to” or “the author said”. If you are going to use such terms, you no longer need to put the author’s last name in a parenthesis. However, in some essay topics, there is a chance that you will be using the whole quoted line from a source. This time you need to put quotation marks enclosing the sentence and finalize it with the author’s surname followed by the page number of his work. See example below:

—-“Many of the migratory birds in Lake Wikalo lay their eggs beneath the ground for optimum weather protection” (Armstrong 45).—-

Now that you know how to use in-text citation and pagination in an MLA research paper, it is time for you to write your article. If you are going to need more help about essay writing, simply go to this website and find some useful resources for your reference.

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