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Irony Essay

You have probably noticed that there are essays that talk about irony. Irony is a figure of speech where we can realize the seemingly contrasting notion of ideas. You can identify irony in situations where there has to be an event that is contradicting to the original plot of the story.  In most case, irony applies in real life situations but you can also see them among novels and plays that many writers tend to produce. In writing an irony essay, the main agenda is to highlight the concept of irony as a figure of speech. Let us talk about how you can write such an essay and apply the concept of ironical events to the plot of the narrative.

An essay where we can put irony in the context can be in the form of a narrative essay. In this case, you have to come up with a short story or a narrative where we can integrate the idea of irony. You can write in the aspect of imitation or fictional story. You may also try using a personal experience or even use an observation from an event that you still remember. In any case, there should be a platform of idea and story where we will apply irony as a concept of speech.

How can we identify irony? Irony is usually in situations where the story goes on a certain direction while the result is in the opposite direction. Here is an example: A young man could tell another man that he is looks good in the formal outfit well in fact, the other man is wearing a simple tattered shirt. This is where we can see irony in the situation. It is the contradictory of what the original meant to say. It can be considered sarcasm or even based on the idea of insulting but there are also some situations where an irony essay is a good article to write.

An essay on irony is not all about on the descriptive side. You can also write an essay that will present situations where characters do not resent irony, they are the ones involved in an ironical setup of events. For example in the play Romeo and Juliet, the two characters are deeply in love with each other but because of this love, they have decided to take the situations into their own hands. At the end, they both have died because of their acts resulting from their love for each other.

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