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Essay Starters to Attract Readers

What are the main reasons why readers read an essay? Is it because of the topic? Is it because of the visual format? If you are also wondering how to attract readers, then you should consider refining your writing skills of essay starters. What are essay starters? These are sentences that mainly attract the readers to participate in a written discussion. In a general term, essay starters are also the same as essay hooks. They are baits to entice readers and continue scanning the entire essay. For this post, we will talk about how you can create quality essay starters.

Essay hooks or essay starters can take many forms. As a first type for this discussion, we will start with quotes. Quotations are among the most popular ways to attract readers. However, you should not only use any quotes. You have to make sure one will come from a reputable person. For example, you can have a quote from the speech of President Obama. This way, your essay starter will have a certain degree of authority. Authority is an important aspect of any essays to make it attractive.

Another essay starter that you can use is the shocking type. This is not at all about horrors and stuff like that. When we say shocking, it is a statement that probably seems to good to be true. Alternatively, it can also be something that is too general and with a lot of conviction telling its validity. If you are still unable to understand this, think of a shock as an assertion of an idea. It may also be an opinion that you firmly believe.

Asking a question will also be a good essay hook. You can actually provide a question in your essay as long as you also intend to answer it later on. Ask a certain question that is thought provoking. This will somehow force the readers to find an answer for the question. If they need the answer immediately, then they will probably read the entire essay that you have.

Literary captions can also serve as good essay starters. You can take a sentence from Romeo and Juliet and provide it in your introduction. This will appeal to the readers especially those who are familiar with the sentence. That way, you can add more value and style to your essay, a sure way to maintain the attention of the audience. When doing this, make sure that you will cite your source of info.

Creating essay starters is simply about one goal, to attract readers. This is a case when you want your essay achieve a certain degree of value and reputation among the audience. For more info on how to write essay hooks, visit our samples page.

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