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The term essay starters may be something new to your ears. Does it refer to a person starting to write an essay? Actually, essay starters can be considered as the primary sentences in the essay. We always remind you to write a catchy introduction paragraph to attract readers. In this aspect, an essay starter sentence is at the forefront of this mission. It is actually a part of the introduction paragraph that will entice readers to continue scanning your article. We will give you some pointers how to make your essay starters more effective.

A 1000 word essay can be boring article to the eyes of the readers. Audience nowadays has a very limited attention span. So it is important that you start your introduction with a bang. How do we write very good essay starters? Here are our suggestions.

Start with a quote. You may use very interesting quote coming from a good source. Of course the quote should be related to your topic.

Ask a question. This is one of the most effective ways to compose essay starters. A question entices readers to look for the answer.

Shock them. You can also write essay starters that use radical ideas. The readers will be more curios to take a look.

Contradict an idea. If you are going to write an essay with argumentative topics, you may take one side of the argument and contradict the other side of the equation.

Essay starters can make your paper more appealing to the readers. It gives your paper value to the audience. Take a look at some of our essay samples to see other related tips about essay writing.

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