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Essay on Computer

Computers have always been necessary tools to run our day to day activities. You can see these machines in schools, factories, public service and of course at your own home. However, what is about computers that make them very useful machines? This can be a question for you in order to write an essay on computer. Since many teachers would like their students to write an article about a subject, then it is a good thing that you have computer as one of the items in your topic selection. Let us discuss how you can write a good computer essay today.

Before we give you some possible topics, let us review first how to write a good quality article. Let us start with the topic. When choosing a topic for your essay, it is necessary that you consider something that is important and significant, interesting and appeals to the readers, has many resource materials for research and you are familiar with it.

Now, you have to create an essay outline. Why is this important? The essay outline serves as your guide in writing the different parts of the article. As you already know, essays contain several paragraphs depending on your topic. The most prominent ones are the introduction, the body segments and the conclusion. Make time to compose an outline that will partition each of these segments for you to properly manage your thoughts and write them.

Writing an essay on computer can have different purposes or directions of writing. When we talk about purposes, this is the concept that you wish to achieve in writing the essay. Of course, this will also become the reason why you would like to write an essay on a given topic. Here are some examples: narrative essay that will tell a story about your very first computer system, descriptive essay that will describe the major components of computers, argumentative essay that will discuss the bad effects of computer games to young children or even an informative essay that will contain details about different types of computers.

For your convenience, we would like to give you a short list of possible topics to utilize for your essay:

The basic parts of a computer system – How they work in harmony?

The differences between a desktop computer and a laptop computer.

How to make a computer more user-friendly and less intimidating to the elderly?

The roles the computers play in the creation of government programs for the public.

How to make money on the internet and why many people are telecommuting.

If you wish to see more essay on computer samples, you can easily go to our Samples page. Download a free copy today and make it your reference material.

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