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We all want to write an essay that could attract as many readers as possible. We can do this by using different but effective essay hooks. What are Essay hooks? Essays hooks are those essay characteristics that can engage readers to continue reading the article. Usually, you can identify hooks as the primary attraction factors to attract readers. Today, we will give you some tips how you can write essay hooks that are truly attractive.

Before we give you the tips in writing essay hooks, it is important that you first know how essay hooks can add value to your essay. An essay hook can be the starting point of the discussion of a topic. If you can write a good one, then you are sure to capture a reader and get him “hooked” up with your discussion. If this happens, then you have a guaranteed audience. Therefore, whatever you will say in the remaining parts of the essay will produce a certain value and worth.

Now that you know the real value of essay hooks, you should learn how to use them efficiently to your advantage. There are no guarantees that a particular essay hook will work out for you. You should realize that a quality essay is a combination of good topic, good essay hook, and attractive thesis statement and well formatted paragraphs.

Here are the essay hooks that we will suggest for you to consider in your article:

  • Start with a question. Many students have been using this technique a thousand times now but still works. If you will ask your reader a question, he is bound to look for an answer and will read your paper.
  • Write a quote. If you can find a good quote related to your topic, then you can attract a reader. This quote can come from another person who is famous enough to engage the reader to your read your paper. You can browse through some articles that discuss the same topic as yours.
  • Write vague and too general concepts. It may sound wrong to do this but having a general idea captures more readers. Why? Because it can cater to a wider set of audience which will become your loyal readers?
  • One more essay hook tip, provoke a reader. You can write a very radical concept or something that people normally do not accept. Most people will violently react to an idea that they do not support. This is a good way to provoke the minds of the readers and make them.

Essay hooks are baits to capture readers. You can look at some of our essay examples and see how to write effective essay hooks. If you need further assistance, simply contact our support team today.

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