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Debate Essay Composition

You are probably used to witnessing debates that are conducted orally and with a set of two opposing groups. This is all the conventional debates that we see each day. But even though a debate is supposedly a two way communication platform, you can also convert it into a written form. A debate essay may be written with the same features of an oral debate. How does this work?

A debate essay can be considered as an article that only provides a personal opinion. An opinion essay intends to deliver the message to the readers by putting the author’s own ideas and thoughts about an issue. This is the same characteristic that you can find in a debate essay. The main instruction goes like this; the teacher will tell an issue or a problem. This issue should be responded with good quality thinking. Then the students will be writing their thoughts and opinions on how the issue should be perceived or more or less be solved. The article that you will be writing will be considered a debate essay. You will debate in an essay by choosing one side of the issue to resolve it. You need to argue, persuade and influence your readers by providing proofs just like in an oral debate. You may even conduct an essay forum of writing if you have other classmates who are also considering the side that you took.

A debate essay is fun and informative. Since you can convey the information that you think is right, you will truly enjoy writing it. Also, the mere fact that you must support your argument will allow you to conduct research. This way, you will truly reap the benefits of writing and researching.

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