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Compare and Contrast Essay

Many times we hear that essay writing involves different perspectives of delivering an intention. Usually, these perspectives are considered to be the “goal” in layman’s terms. Now what are the different types of goals that we can input in an essay? Today, we will discuss the compare and contrast essay goal of writing. Sure you have written argumentative research topics or informative essays before but let us limit our discussions only on the comparison of subjects.

A compare and contrast essay basically will have two major parts; the comparison of the subjects and the difference of the properties of the same items. Usually, it is important to write such an essay if the writer intends to initially identify the properties of subjects before grouping them. Therefore, a compare and contrast essay is like the first step in realizing what characteristics the subjects have that will help a writer classify them.

The comparison side of a compare and contrast essay is like finding the same attributes of the subjects. You may talk about people, objects, places or events in this manner. You need to find the basic conditions that group these subjects in a similar way. A of this type may be hard to write at first but it is much easier to initially find out what are the basic things that are common to the subjects at hand.

The contrast part of an essay is like the opposite of the similarity function. You are trying to look for attributes that are different or contrasting between the subjects at hand. This process will involve the creation of character lists that will help you recognize the properties of one object from another.

As a whole, you must have a good compare and contrast essay if you will have the following characteristics:

1.    Solid thesis statement
2.    Clear comparison factor aspect
3.    Clear differentiating factor aspect
4.    Cited resources
5.    Coherent discussion
6.    Proofread article

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