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Bullying Essay

Bullying Essay Writing Guideline

Bullying is a serious issue prevalent in many schools and colleges today. The management of all the educational institutions is very cautious that such practices are not associated with their institution. Bullying is defined as the act of verbal or physical aggression directed at other young people by someone on a regular basis.

No matter whether you write English essays or Urdu essays, you need to provide concerning facts in your bullying essay. You have to research about bullying existing in educational institutions and can write a research paper based on the topic. You can find a research proposal example available on bullying. Bullying essays are mainly based on your view of the topic, so you may need to write a type of “essay about myself” on the topic. You can provide your experience on the issue and whether you have been bullied in your own life.

First you need to decide a strong topic for your bullying essay. It should reflect what you will be discussing in your essay. Introduce your essay with a general definition of bullying as we have seen earlier, its relevance in present day and how severe the problem is in short. Next you need to include points in your bullying essay which will draw attention of the reader. There are many important issues related to bullying you can include in your essay but you need to choose the ones you are familiar with and want to express through your essay. As also you need to keep in mind the objective of your essay. For instance, you might be discussing the effects of bullying on children. So you need to include only those points that will emphasize on the physical and mental trauma children face through bullying.

Include these points while writing your bullying essays:

1) Discuss the different forms of bullying, for instance, teasing, isolation, physical violence and so on. Discuss its transition over the years, like the traditional stealing of lunch money to bringing weapons to schools relevant in modern days.

2) You can discuss the nature of bullies and their purpose of troubling others. There are many psychological reasons why children turn to violence and aggression at a very young age. Some of these reasons could be frustration, the environment they are brought up, or just for fun. You can research on this issue and elaborate it through your bullying essay.

3) Discuss how one can face bullies or overcome the trauma. Explain how children should not be scared and not resort to any mental or physical harm like suicide. Discuss the ways children suffering from bullying can help themselves.

4) Discuss the responsibilities of parents and the educational institution’s management against bullying. All have an important responsibility of teaching children not to harass others and also not to entertain it. The college and school management should monitor bullying and should have stringent actions against ones guilty. Parents should be watchful of their children of any stressful or frightened behavior.

5) Discuss the harmful consequences of bullying like the mental and physical stress a child suffer from being bullied. When bulling gets extreme children could be fatally injured, paralyzed or even lead to death. You can discuss how these consequences could be avoided, like stress could be handled by parents.

These points will be helpful for you to compile good bullying essays. However if you require any professional essay writing service is a valid choice. They provide custom made essays and also have a money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

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