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Argument And Persuasion Essay

Tips to write argument and persuasion essay

Argument and persuasion essay is a type of essay which influences people to change their thoughts or actions. It also helps them to think and act according to your values and concepts and compels them to accept your argument and conclusions. Argument and persuasion essays should inculcate string of thoughts about the subject in reader’s minds so that it influences their thinking and behavior.

An argument and persuasion essay has a great importance in today’s world as many leaders use it to persuade and influence their followers. Persuasive marketing is another area where such kinds of essays have a special importance. In this contemporary world we are subjected to persuasive marketing daily from the moment we get through various mediums like television, newspaper, radio, mobile and so on. Newspapers also use argumentative and persuasive essays to influence their readers.

Whether you write an ‘essay about myself’ or write an essay in other language such as Urdu essays, writing an essay is always an art which gets better with time. The same goes with these types of essays. However, there are some tips for beginners which can assist them in writing an effective argument and persuasion essay.

Tips for writing argument and persuasion essays:

1)Strategizing:Strategizing helps in choosing a way that will help to influence the audience. Understanding various strategies of persuasion and argument is a must for writing an effective essay.

2)Reasoning: The best way to persuade audience to accept
your point of view is reasoning. However, reasoning should always be supported with facts and proofs about the subject. So it is necessary for you to conduct a thorough research to know the facts and bring out valid points.

3)Ethical argument: It is necessary to understand that an argument is an appeal to a person’s sense of reason; it is not a debate or a violent fight. It is an organized, quantitative and calculated way of trying to persuade others to accept your point of view. Hence, always make an argument that is ethical.

4)Defining the terms appropriately:Defining the terms of the subject you are arguing upon is necessary because if you don’t then there will be confusion, misinterpretation and indifferences between the readers. For instance, before making an argument on whether students should be permitted to use mobile phones in college, you need to define the word ‘permitted’ as it helps to avoid misinterpretation of your argument.

Some more tips:

  • In the first paragraph, give a short introduction about the topic. Present your view point to the reader. Make it interesting for the reader.
  • Keep the flow of paragraph.
  • Keep the attention on the topic do not stray for vague information.
  • Keep the voice active.
  • Bring effectiveness and attractiveness.
  • End the article with a conclusion of the argument. But always remember to summarize the arguments and persuasions first and then only conclude on the article. The conclusion should be based on the arguments discussed in your essay.
  • After you have completed writing the essay, proof read it and judge whether it will have an impact on the reader’s thoughts. Also, see whether they will be convinced by your reasoning.

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