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3 Paragraph Essay

Students are usually confused about then umber of paragraphs to include in their essays. Well it does not really have to be very difficult. A 3 paragraph essay can be your starting point to write a good essay.

There are certain basic paragraphs that you need to include in any of your essays. The 3 paragraph essay should of course have three segments. Let us talk about the first one. The primary paragraph is called the Introduction paragraph. This is the part where you will put the background of the topic. It is the segment that will acquaint your readers with the topic interest. The parts of an essay are important to consider because they are all necessary for writing.

The second paragraph of the essay should contain the main discussion of the topic. It is called the Body paragraph, you can easily extend to another paragraph but we are going to limit this to one because you are writing a three paragraph essay. The main point of the body is to talk about the topic that you wish to discuss. It can also include some visual presentation parts like graphs, pictures or bullet lists.

The last segment of a 3 paragraph essay is the conclusion. An essay format should always have the conclusion because it is the finalizing part of the paper. It should contain the main summary of the article as well as the resolution to your problem statement.

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