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1000 Word Essay

Sometimes we are required to compose an essay that needs to follow a certain rule or instruction. As the result some students get frustrated over their writing procedures because they feel like they are restricted to write in a limited manner. On the other hand, some students will find it relieving to have a certain limitation so they can easily manage the contents of their essays. One kind of writing restriction is the composition of a 1000 word essay. Why do teachers have this kind of requirements?

Having a limited set of words for an essay teaches the students to become very efficient in writing. Although it may seem that this only adds pressure to the writer, having a limited number of words can help the students properly manage their ideas and thoughts therefore giving them the chance to write a coherent and concise essay. However, for some students this is not the case. There are individuals out there who are natural storytellers so a 1000 word essay may not be enough for them. Still, this is the case of teaching the students how to be resourceful and responsible in order to follow directions. It does not really matter what subjects you have in mind. You can write a law essay, a biology essay or a construction essay. As long as you can limit your discussions tp 1000 words, then you are fine.

How many pages does a 1000 word essay usually have? It will depend on the formatting style of your paper. Most of the time teachers will instruct you to write the essay in double-space form. So this means there are at least 250 words on each page that will amount to four pages in total.

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  • toya price

    have to write a 1000 word essay on military discipline

  • Essay Advisor

    Dear Toya,
    The details which you have provided to us are not very specific and therefore I would like to request you to kindly let me know about your academic level and the deadline by which you would need to submit the work and so on.

  • Necip Demir

    I will need to write an essay about school uniform for a 1000 words of essay..

  • editor

    Hello Necip,
    if you would like to avail of our writing services, please proceed to the Order page in this website. thanks.

  • renalyn

    my english teacher assigned me to write a essay all about energy consumption,, can you give me some advices on how to make my essay interesting and meaningful??? it requires 1000 words… i need ur response now, thank you.

  • Essay Advisor

    Hello Renalyn,
    You would need to look for some good points so that you can refute them and dedicate their use in separate paragraphs.
    As for making it more interesting, I think that your vocabulary and flow in ideas would be the most needed in this case as the teachers like reading something which has a smooth and fluent flow.
    Site Admin

  • Emma

    I need help as soon as possible, I need to write a 1000 word essay, with these words and phrase: porlific,transparent,molecule,altruism,delinquent, rhetoric, and inching around William Palmer on horseback. I need to have it done by Febuary 19th. Thanks for the help.

  • editor

    Dear Emma,
    We will be more than happy to help you. Please click the link leading to our Order page and send us the details of your request.
    Kind regards,

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