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Types of Essay Writing

General Types of Essay Writing

Types of Essay WritingWriting an essay has become a significant activity in today’s educational system right from high school to graduation. Essay teaching and writing is given lot of importance in most of the schools. This helps students to groom themselves, in advance, to the various types of essay writing techniques. Essay writing techniques involve the various forms an essay take depending on how we want to describe and handle a particular topic.

As it is important for a student to learn what to write in an essay, in the same way it is important to learn how to approach a particular essay topic. After choosing a topic, zeroing in on the type of essay is a difficult task. Any given topic cannot be directly linked to a type of essay writing technique. Each essay type differs depending on the purpose, content and the targeted readers. Thus before choosing a particular type a student must understand their differences.

Each type of essay writing technique and difference:

Descriptive essay:

This type generally requires the writer to provide a description of a particular topic. Here the writer has to answer questions on “what, why, where, when and how” of a topic. This type of essay involves describing the topic with the help of various elements like people, events, places or objects. For example to write an essay about myself you need to describe all your qualities with the help of milestones or work tasks.

Argument and persuasion essay:

This type of essay writing persuades the readers to accept the writer’s argument or conclusion on a particular topic. This type of essay requires the backing of statistics, facts and proofs, expert opinions, and most importantly a complete understanding of the topic.

Narrative essay:

Writing this essay involves narrating particular situation or a sequence of events in a meaningful and logical manner. Narration should engage the readers to the story and its elements and slowly lead to a conclusion.

Cause and effect essay:

This essay answers two questions, why a situation occur (cause) and what are its outcomes (effects). Body of the essay contains causes and effects and their explanation with the help of examples. This essay needs to follow a structure of a cause and effect group and needs ordering each group in terms of their importance.

Comparative essay:

Comparative essays involve comparison of two or more objects, events, views or persons. Comparison can be based on analyzing advantages and disadvantages of the two subjects. The writer must provide his opinion on the subjects in favor or against them.

History essay:

Writing this essay needs exploring a particular event in history. This essay helps students investigate different time periods at a much deeper level. If you are a literature student you may be asked to write Urdu essays or an essay based on history of Urdu literature.

Research paper essay:

This essay is a part of assignment in most colleges. Writing this essay involves comprehensive research on the topic given or chosen. This type may involve writing a research proposal example as an assignment.

These are some general types of essay writing techniques which will help you sort out any essay topic. If you are still confused on what type to use on a topic, better opt for a professional essay writing help. is one such essay writing service which can provide you with any particular type of essay. They have experienced professionals who can offer custom made essays and can also give you tips on writing an essay. They provide round the clock customer service and have a money back guarantee in place in case you are not satisfied with their service.

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