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Romeo And Juliet Essay – Finding Some New Techniques to Write an Essay

Romeo and Juliet is probably the most loved romance story of all time. Even though the ending is somehow tragic, writing a Romeo and Juliet essay can at least help you further understand the author’s main concern in completing the novel. On your part, let us have a good discussion on what other possibilities are available in writing your essays aside from summarizing this piece of work.

A Romeo and Juliet essay usually pertains only to the summarized version of the novel. However, this kind of writing may bore your readers to death. Believe me, thousands of students have already submitted their papers and summary types are the most common ones. So what are the other types of conditions to write for Romeo and Juliet?

Argumentative essay -usually, this type of written document is reserved for debatable topics. However, you can also use such format in a Romeo and Juliet article. What you can do is to argue whether the story is really a tragedy or a romance story concentrating on differing aspects of the story flow.

Political essay -would you believe that the novel by Shakespeare may have actually involved a political aspect? Well we will not know until you do your research and see whether there are significant similarities in the events of the story and the political situations of Shakespeare’s society during his time.

Classification essay -This one will be very easy. As a suggestion, try to simply classify the characters based on the concept of protagonists and antagonists. Surely, you will enjoy writing such an essay.

Just like writing any types of essays based on literary works, a Romeo and Juliet essay can give you more information if you deviate from the usual types of writing an article about it. For example, a Crucible essay may be written based on your opinion, a Hamlet article discussing its relevance or a Beowulf essay written on its mystic aspects. You see, there are other formats that you can follow aside from summarizing the storylines. Right now, if you want to order essay , you may check some websites that offer writing service.

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