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Knowledge Seeking: How to write a Literature Review

Usually, we are frustrated with essay writing that sometimes we forget how to effectively write each chapters of the research article. Although we can easily acquire some reference materials online, it is still important that we have some stock knowledge about essay writing principles and the chapters that complete a paper. How to write a literature review will be our core topic today.

Essays will always be a part of any school education requirement. Now, if you are going to write articles that have a tendency to develop researching procedures, you must be familiar with concepts on how to write a literature review . You may apply this ability to any of your article requirements like an informative essay , comparative essay or narrative essay *. The more important aspect is that you can develop a point of reference from another material.

A literature review is simply a summary of another work that will support your research studies in the essay that you are going to write. Therefore, a simple summarization process is all it takes to battle out the problems of how to write a literature review . The following steps may be useful:

1. It is important to acquire a material that is reliable. Always make sure that your references are worth using for the research paper you are developing.

2. Make it a point to use materials with the same or at least close to your topic interest

3. Read the entire research document and take note of the key points that were highlighted by the author

4. Write a simple essay summary about the research paper you have just read.

5. Include all the specific and important details that the reference material has presented.

How to write a literature review is not really a big concern. All you need to do is to write a summary essay and input the idea of another document to your very own research paper. You can find some more info how to do this by checking out some archived articles.

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