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How To Write a Literature Review – Pointers To Remember

How to write a literature review is one of the primary concerns of most students. Even if you are simply writing a basic essay, it is important that you get to experience how to write it, especially if you are going to write your thesis in the future. For most students, writing is already a hard thing to do. With the integration of literature review it might be more demanding. So what are the steps for writing a literature review?

First of all you need to first understand what a literature review is. This is a particular segment in most research paper files that intends to provide current and up-to-date information about the topic. Most of the time you will see the literature review chapter initially available before the methodology and the results part in a thesis paper. The main goal of the literature review is to summarize another work or a couple of works to enable the reader to get the full background and current information about a single subject scope.

How to write a literature review for your will involve several aspects:

  1. The literature review should present a good flow of ideas, the discussions should be logical.
  2. The information in the literature review should be current and up to date. This is especially significant for most research proposal samples.
  3. The terminology used in the literature review should be accurate and widely recognized.
  4. Appropriate referencing tools and citation schemes should be reflected on the literature review.
  5. Lastly, the literature review should be unbiased and present only factual details about the topic interest of the previous academic and referenced documents.

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