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How to Make a Cover Page And the Details It requires

How to make a cover page is the least concern for most essay writers. However, even though it is not that a big of a problem you still need to know the correct procedure in constructing it when you write essay documents. Let us take time to know the basic parts of a cover page for any of your student essays .

When you write your cover page, always remember to include the following details below:

-Title of the Essay (any topics and theme should have a cover page from a synthesis essays , scholarship essay or narrative essays)

-Writer – Your name as the author of the article

-Subject – The class subject in which you are enrolled in that requires the creation of such essay.

-Academic Class Information – Details about the semester term and the academic year in which the essay is required for submission.

-Instructor – The teacher who required for such an essay to be written for evaluation purposes.

As you can see, how to make a cover page simply requires a little set of data. The proper way to do this follows. First, the title of the work and your name should be at the upper portion of the page, followed by the subject. They should be centered and aligned properly. Next, the other details like the professor’s name and the class information may be written way below the cover page. They should also be centered and aligned.

How to make a cover page can be learned by having a sample essay . You may check out some resources in this blog for your reference when you do this task of writing.

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20 Responses to “How to Make a Cover Page And the Details It requires”

  1. Ron Says:

    Thanks for the information. Appreciate it!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Hey thanks for the tips, really will help with my English essay.

  3. vb freak Says:

    That was really helpful! Thank you so much!

  4. Ann Says:

    um…. what should I do for a middle school report cover?

    any ideas would be apprectiated


  5. admin Says:

    Actually the tips provided here can be used for writing your middle school report cover. To suggest what exactly needs to be there, you need to let us know your topic.

  6. Jennifer Arlington Says:

    I just wanted to ask, can i use colorful pictures on the cover page? do you think it is appropriate?

  7. admin Says:

    It actually depends on the topic and subject of the paper you need to write. If it’s something official, pictures will be unappropriate, but if it’s connected for example with art or anything like that, than you may use pictures to make it more vivid.

  8. Graham Says:

    What if i format the page to make it better looking? Change fonts etc. Will this still leave my work acceptable by the university?

  9. Support1 Says:

    Dear Graham!

    That depends on your university. Most of them have strict rules to follow about that.

  10. ana Says:

    if i am asked to create a coverpage for my essay do i still have to add a header

  11. content Says:

    Dear Ana,
    no need. Common App delivers your application as one file if you send it electronically. However, there may be different requirements in different high schools – you never know for 100% until you ask your tutor:)
    Site Admin

  12. Kayla K.W Says:

    Thankyou so much for your help i appreciate it.

  13. Elle Says:

    a business cover page, its homework though for my BCIS do i do it when it has to be handwritten?

  14. Support Says:

    Dear Kayla,
    Thank you for your comment. We appreciate it.
    Site Admin

  15. content Says:

    Dear Elle,

    the formatting requirements are the same for printed and handwritten papers. Just follow the instructions mentioned in the above article but use a pencil and a ruler to trace lines for words. The lines can be erased after you write titles in pen.
    Hope it helped.

    Sincerely, Site Admin

  16. margie Says:

    i would like to know how you make a cover page for an application for a two year college. thank you!

  17. Says:

    Dear Margie,
    We have writers who do the writing jobs but I have an idea how they do it actually. All you would need to do is to place an order on-line and the person attending to you would help you out with it whether from scratch or from your resume.

  18. Utasha Myers Says:

    Is this the rewuirements for anything other thsn an essay?

  19. Nikola Says:

    how do I make a reference page for an essay

  20. Angelina Says:

    Dear Nikola,
    The comment you posted apparently landed among those that discuss about “How to make a cover page”. There is also one link I can share with you about how to make the references but I do not know whether they exist any more.

    Site Admin

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