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Essay Paragraph Structures

The construction of an essay article is one of the basic skills that each student needs to know. Of course you want to impress your teachers by having a good set of abilities in constructing an essay. That is why this article will concentrate on the essay paragraph structures that you will include in your article. Apparently, some students know of an essay as something that they can write freehand without any formats. But on the contrary, essays are structured writing pieces of documents and that you can actually partition the essay paragraphs into at least three types.

The first essay paragraph should always be the introduction. This is the part where you will present the purpose of writing and talk about the background of the topic. It is also here where you will specify the thesis statement that will start all the discussions of the essay.

The body paragraphs all predict the essay length. This is where all your discussions will be presented. You may partition the number of body paragraphs depending on the goal of writing and the sub discussions that you wish to include. For example an analysis essay about a book may be discussed in at least three paragraphs representing character analysis, plot analysis and setting analysis.

The last essay paragraph is the conclusion. It is the summary of the discussions form the introduction to the last part of the body. This part should dedicate itself in presenting only the compact version of the contents of the essay. If you have a question in the thesis statement, then this is where you will put the resolution for it. All types of essays have a conclusion paragraph from archeology essay to math articles to marketing essays.

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