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The last time we discussed essay format, the main intention is to provide you with styles of writing when it comes to citation. Today, we will give you some essay format sample guides to help you with writing. Our main objective is to give you details on the different essay formats that deal with the main intention of the writer. Of course, in order to make your life easier we will provide you with some sample materials. Let us get started with the different essay formats according to purpose of writing.

Narrative essay format – This essay format sample will deal with story telling. As you know, narratives are articles that intend to share stories. Any topics will do, they can come from a personal experience, personal observation or even fabricated and fictional stories. This is probably one of the easiest essays that you can write.

Descriptive essay format – An essay that intends to provide descriptions of an object, event, place or people is the descriptive essay. The main purpose of this article is to present newer or fresher outlook on a given topic. Describing takes a lot of observing power in order to convey info in the best possible way.

Argumentative essay format – This essay format is suitable if you are biased on a certain issue. You can argue for or against a given topic as long as you know something about it. This way, you can relay the info that you have and convince your readers to accept your arguments. However, it is also possible to write this essay using external materials.

Persuasive essay format – This is very similar to an argumentative essay. Your main intention is not to argue but to influence the minds of the audience. How is this possible? You can first create a discussion topic. Then provide what your take on a given topic. Afterward, convince your readers to accept your notion by giving them evidences of its validity.

Expository essay format – Such a kind of essay involves providing information to the readers. As you can see, it comes from the root word expose, meaning to deliver and present certain info. You can make an expository essay if you have credible materials to serve as reliable sources of info.

An essay format sample is always available in our website. We have a dedicated page where you can download free documents. They are very useful especially if you a re beginner in this league of essay writing. On the other hand, you may also avail our writing services anytime. We have expert writers who can compose an essay for you. Pick up the phone or send us the details of your request today.

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