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Basic Tips Writing an Art Essay

They say art is relative. It simply means that no one person can tell you what is artistic or not. Each one of us has his own tastes and impressions of things. But even if this is the case, we can all agree that an art essay can sometimes be a troublesome project to write. Yes we know that writing an essay is quite a daunting experience but having art as the subject can make it even worse. Let me give you some tips in writing a good art essay and express your ideas and thoughts in your article.

First of all, an art essay is just like any other essays that you have written; from geography essays to accountancy essays, all of them have the same structures. The only key aspect about it is that you will be writing according to the topic scopes of art. This is fairly easy since the students are given the freedom to choose what topic about art they wish to talk about. However, you should always remember that any essays must follow the rules of writing. This means you need to include the three segments that are widely recognized by the academe; introduction, body and conclusion.

Having a good art essay should be reflected on having a good thesis statement. Sometimes, it may be hard to come up with a thesis statement in an art subject but bear in mind that you can always assert a notion. This will give you the power to discuss the things that you know and think about in an art domain. For example, you can write a thesis statement that tells ‘Mona Lisa is just a plain simple work, nothing so special about it as compared to the paintings in Sistine chapel’.

Lastly, an art essay should also have a good direction of writing, the purpose is actually the choice of the writer and you should be able to first identify the goal before executing your thoughts into written words. Some of the most common purposes are narrative, descriptive, classification, cause and effect, argumentative and persuasive.

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