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Writing a ‘How to’ Essay

A ‘how to’ essay is one of the many types of articles that intend to present informative contents. When we talk about a How to essay, you are actually going to disseminate information to your readers in by teaching them “How to” do something. So in effect you are simply writing an informative or expository essay in general. In order to help you write a good essay, let me give you some tips on how you can easily manage the contents of your How To essay. For example, you can deal and teach your readers how to write an essay in general.

The first thing that should be considered is the thesis statement. Since you are writing an informative type of an essay, simply regard the thesis statement as the general idea of what your paper is all about. Then you can write a statement that involves your goal to help readers do something.

When you write the contents of the how to essay, you can partition the paragraphs into several numbered sentences. Each numbered line will represent a step on how to do something based on your topic. This may be a new essay format for you if you are used to writing body paragraphs. But in any case the same goal is applied, to discuss a process.

Now, each number instruction should provide vivid explanations as to help the reader better understand what he needs to do to accomplish a goal. Use very simple words and if you are going to use rare terms, then you can also explain them within the sentence steps. It is a good idea to first plan out an outline as to what you want to include in the How to essay so you won’t be writing a long article. This is especially helpful if you are writing a 250 word essay as the minimum.

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