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Term Papers and Essays

Term papers and essays are the two most prominent articles in high school and college levels. Many teachers believe that by requiring students to write them, they will be able to develop their writing, communication and research skills. However not all students are aware of the basic steps in writing term papers and essays. Today, we will talk about how to write them by looking at the similarities between these two types of articles.

Term papers and essays are very similar in structure. Both of them should contain the three-part paragraph format in writing. An essay needs to have the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. These are all the same parts that a term paper demands. Therefore, you can actually write a term paper by simply knowing how to write an essay.

The articles term papers and essays both can use an outline for writing. Always remember that an outline for an essay or term paper is a very useful tool to manage your ideas and thoughts within the paper. The outline gives you a sense of direction as to what approach of discussion is appropriate for your topic. We can write an effective outline by partitioning the parts of the article and then assign a certain scope of discussion to each part.

Both essays and term papers can use the citation style for research. In this case, you can apply the APA, MLA, Harvard or Chicago styles of formatting and referencing. If you want to include research results in any of the two articles, then you will always need citation knowledge to establish your data. Citation involves in-text citation and bibliography page writing. In certain aspects, you can also apply the styles in formatting the pages of the article.

What are the major differences between term papers and essays? An essay can be just about anything. You are free to decide what purpose of writing you wish to apply on your selected topic. For example you can write a narrative, descriptive, cause and effect, augmentative, persuasive or expository essay. On the other hand, a term paper is an essay that contains research results. You can also write it as a reflection on a subject and how you interpret it. In any case, there is very little difference between the two article types.

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