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Research Paper Topic Ideas

No one is forced to write abut a topic idea that he is not comfortable with. That is why this is always a reminder for all students when creating the perfect research paper topic ideas for their essay outlines. You can also have the freedom to select any topics that you like as long as you follow these instructions in creating your subject list for good essay topics.

Research paper topic ideas should be considered to be valid if you are knowledgeable about them. This will give you lesser work and probably lesser researching since you already know some facts and figures abut the subject. Also, it is important that you are familiar with the topic interest so that it is much easier to write about it.

In selecting research paper topic ideas, it is also important to take note of your true goal in writing. The goal is different from the topic. For example, if you want to write about an informative essay, then sending out information is your main goal and your possible topics are how to cook a turkey or what DNA strands are made of.

The research paper topic ideas should also be something that are significant or at least have some values. You are free to choose whatever topics you like but remember that the purpose of writing a research paper is to develop critical aspects of new information and discoveries. Therefore, it would be worthwhile to write something that is important to a lot of people. A term paper format sample can be used to see how far you should go in searching for that significant topic.

Lastly, always make sure that you will select research paper topic ideas that can be supported with a lot of reference materials. This will help you save time and effort than randomly selecting sources of references when you are actually writing your paper.

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27 Responses to “Research Paper Topic Ideas”

  1. Betty Says:

    Can you give me some research parer topic ideas in economics?

  2. Support1 Says:

    Dear Betty!

    Here is one for you: everybody talks about the crisis right now. There is a lot to talk about which makes it a very good topic to express your view on it.

  3. Says:

    help me find a topic for a college composition research paper!

  4. Roy Says:

    I’m having a problem looking for a research topic that focus on food, i’m wondering if maybe you could help me.

  5. Roy Says:

    I’m having a problem looking for a research topic that focus on food, i’m wondering if maybe you could help me?

  6. katherine Says:

    Can you give me some research paper topic ideas in Black English programs in schools?

  7. content Says:

    if you at least drop us a hint about what course you’re taking we would gladly help you:)
    If your research topic is absolutely free, I would definitely write a research ion something I like. Say, a report on the movie you’ve recently seen or a book or your favourite sportsman.
    IF our post wasn’t helpful, just specify your need, we’ll come up with a topic together:)
    Sincerely, Site Admin

  8. content Says:

    hi Roy,
    for me an interesting and up-to-date topic for writing a research paper is genetic modified food, or healthy food and its connection with successfully studies.
    Hope it was helpful:)
    Site Admin

  9. content Says:

    hi Katherine,
    you can make a research on sounds in Black English, the Grammar of Black English, or its history, or its importance or its influence in nowadays society
    does it suit you?
    Site Admin

  10. iryz Says:

    can you give me a one perfect topic that i can used to be a topic on my research?!i really need it.. you can send it to my yahoo account.. tenx.. it would be a big help..

  11. content Says:

    Dear Iryz,

    we prefer posting answers on blogs rather than sending a reply to your e-mail because probably people will have the same question and they will see our reply. Please let us know the topic you are taking and the academic level you are at and we will try to generate a unique and interesting topic for you.

    Sincerely, Site Admin

  12. ES Says:

    Im wondering how should i refine my topic. Im writing something about teenager in America and teenagers in Malaysia. Im comparing their behaviour towards media. Im trying to study what are the differences on how these teenagers from a different culture uses the internet and some other medias like mobile phone. In fact, my research revolves around e-Commerce. Basically i want to understand how teenagers in different culture behaves to give marketers a better understanding of their trends today.

  13. editor Says:

    Hello ES,
    based on my experience, such comparisons are under statistical rulings so you must really refine the subjects you are going to study. For example, a topic that will involve “comparing below 18 male teenagers from Texas USA and Penang Malyasia” is more specific. :)

  14. khay Says:

    hello,, a plesant day!! i just need a topic about my research paper,, im a freshman college student. pls help me,,.

  15. editor Says:

    Hello Khay,
    If you need customized help, you may place an order with us. Simply click the appropriate link in the home page. Thank you.

  16. rhayne Says:

    …can you give me a brilliant topic for a research paper???? It’s my proj. in english???

  17. snow simmons Says:

    what is a good topic to use for a research paper proposal? It has to deal with my major which is Bachelor in health studies.

  18. shikunzi h. Says:


  19. content Says:

    Dear Shikunzi,
    I have to say that there are many influential factors starting from the very higher level to the lower level:
    1. Governmental power, its decision on the citizens and its impact
    2. Ability to find a job and maintain it
    3. Abiding by the rules without being provocative.
    4. The influence of political leaders and their willingness to make a bad person out of a good one or vice-versa.
    5. Poverty
    The factors are unlimited. You would need to brainstorm only and then pen it down. It would be easier this way for you.
    Site Admin


  20. HELP!! Says:

    hello…can you give me a good research topic that can be researched in the library?

  21. jacaz mae Says:

    hello !! can you give me a good research paper that talks about teenagers? thanks !

  22. pinaypride Says:

    I need help with a literary reseach topic I have read lolita and as i lay dying please help

  23. editor Says:

    Hi PinayPride,
    You may simply request an essay from our expert writers. You can take a look at some of our essay samples too.
    Kind regards,

  24. J J Says:

    Hello, I’m currently working on my final paper so I would like to have a topic dealing with low income children. Thanks!

  25. Angelina Says:

    Hello J J.
    Would you like to have some tips on how to proceed with your research paper topic ideas or would you rather opt for the term paper format sample?
    Looking forward to hear from you. As for your topic ” low income children”, let me know if you have selected those children from the third world countries or you have a specific country in mind?
    Site Admin

  26. J J Says:

    Yes i would like tips on how to proceed with the topic. I want to deal with children in the united states. i changed my topic to Childhood Hunger, which of course includes low income families. I would like to know some things i could research. So far I have like childrens health, underweight, Parents responsibilites to motivate children to eat healthy foods.

  27. Melanie Says:

    Dear J J,

    As for other issues you may bring to the reader’s attention, it can be children’s primary education, how they are being taken care of, extra-curriculum activities such children have access to, how disabled children are being cared of in such families, which possible problems may such a childhood result in when the children become adults, etc.
    You can see our samples on similar topics to see the suggested structure of the paper.
    hope that was helpful.

    Sincerely, Site Admin

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