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Learning to Write a 3 Paragraph Essay

What is easier, to write a short essay to write a long essay? Well the answer is dependent on how skillful the writer is. Some students will say that it is easier to write a short essay. This is because you only need to include very short items in your article. Therefore, you only need to write very few words than you should be writing. On the other hand, students who have very much to say about something will tell you otherwise. They will say it is easier to write a long essay because it will give them more freedom in writing their ideas. Now, which side are you? Let us talk about writing a 3 paragraph essay as a conservative article.

It is easy to write a 3 paragraph essay because it will actually involve, well three paragraphs in total. Let us start with the first one. Paragraph one will be your introduction segment. This part will give your readers an idea what the topic is all about. You should be able to present to your readers all the info about why you have chosen a topic. Moreover give them a refresher on the subject if ever they are not interested reading it. The thesis statement should also be present in the introduction.

The second paragraph of the essay is the body. Actually, you can expand the body part into several paragraphs. This will give you ample space to discuss the topic of interest. However, since you are going to write a 3 paragraph essay, you need to manage your thoughts and ideas in writing. You have to compress all the details of your discussion into a single block of the essay. Therefore, it will be a good idea if you will plan on what you want to talk about.

The last part or the third paragraph will be your conclusion. This is the segment that will wrap up the entire discussion of the article. You can write a conclusion in a way of writing a summary. Then you may talk about the resolution to the problem statement that you have started. Do not forget to reiterate the reason why the article you have written is an important one.

What other tips can you suggest for a 3 paragraph essay? When choosing a topic, make sure that you can handle it. This will give you the skills to manage your thoughts and ideas. You should consider writing on an important topic. In addition, create an outline. The outline will let you view the overall essay even before writing it. You can consider the outline as a plan. Lastly, make sure that you support the essay details with the most credible sources of info. Use citation styles like MLA and APA if you will use their data.

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