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How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Arguing for or against a certain idea means that you have knowledge about the topic. This is a useful trait especially if a person wants to get your opinion on a certain issue. In writing an argumentative essay, the same principles are applicable as with arguing in oral form. However, sometimes, students do not know how to write an argumentative essay. That is why this will be our main topic for this article.

So how to write an argumentative essay? We will partition the process of writing an argumentative essay into two segments. The first one is the planning stage while the second one is the writing phase. The planning stage starts with the creation of a topic of interest. You must have a good topic so that readers will get excited to read what your arguments are. Take note that in order to produce a good topic, you should choose something that has two conflicting or contradicting issues or points. This way, you can clearly state which one is your side of the issue and which one you contradict.

Once you have a topic, you can then start building your main thesis statement. The thesis sentence will serve as your side of the argument. You should have a strong affiliation with a specific side of the argument because it is necessary that you choose a single concept. You can then expand your take on the issue by gathering enough evidences to support the idea that you have accepted. This will then lead to the gathering of data stage.

Gather enough materials that will support your argument. You may use all the conventional research materials like books, journals, published articles, periodicals and internet websites. All of these materials must contribute to your opinion. You should utilize reference documents to sustain the validity of your argument and make it surpass the contradicting idea of the issue.

We will now go to the writing phase. There are only three parts in an argumentative essay. In the introduction, you should present what the topic is all about and tell the readers why you have selected it. Then present your thesis statement as your strongest take on the issue. Make sure to state clearly which side of the argument you are leaning. Next, write the body paragraphs. These will become the meat of your argument. All of your supporting details should be available in the body discussion. Make sure to first present the other side of the argument. Find its weakest points and provide the readers some doubts about its validity. Then present your side of the argument. Highlight the strongest points and provide useful evidences that it is valid and acceptable. Lastly, write the conclusion part. This is the summary of the entire essay. You should reiterate what you have said in the thesis statement. Afterward, proofread your essay and you have already solved how to write an argumentative essay.

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