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Extended Essay – Group Writing

There are many essay types that we do not fully understand. Sometimes, the name itself may explain the type of article. For example, if you are using a compare and contrast essay , then most probably you are comparing things based on similarities and differences. Or if you are writing a Classification essay , it is obvious that you want to group subjects based on the given topic. But what if I ask you about an extended essay ? Would you know the answer?

An extended essay is actually a school requirement for the IB diploma course. IB means International Baccalaureate. Usually, any essay topics can be used to write such an article. It must be at least 4000 words and should be done in collaboration with other students. Therefore, it can be written as a group. There should be an adviser or supervisor who will guide the students on writing their essays. This will ensure that each of the members will get the true benefits of writing.

The students have the freedom do conduct their researches to signify a topic interest. Therefore, you should also have that skill in finding for other information to answer your thesis problem. Some essay writers would want to continue their researching by using the format of a thesis. But for a low end type of writing, this extended article will suffice.

If you would like to have more essay examples about an extended essay , you may find some more info among academic websites. If in any case you are also interested to know how to write other types of essays, you may get them from this same blog site.


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