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Essay Purposes of a Theology and Religion Essay

What approaches of writing can be applied to a theology and religion essay? It may be too sectarian for an essay to talk about theology and religion but actually, you can write an essay that involves different purposes of writing. Today, I will give you some tips how you can compose a quality article about these subject fields.

Narrative essay. You can write a theology and religion essay that will involve telling a story. If you have a personal experience that relate to the topic genre, then you may write an essay that narrates based on your opinion, experience or observation. This essay outline example can be done using only very minimal researching.

Argumentative essay. You can also write a theology and religion essay that involves arguments. Actually, it may be easier to write this kind of article for you can easily find resources that contradict the teachings of religion or theological philosophies. You can select a side to argue for and then provide proofs and evidences.

Informative essay. An English essay in informative tone simply present a non-biased article issue about a topic. If you know something about religion, then you can present informative scopes of discussions. For example, you can talk about the history of Buddhism, Islam or Christianity.

Compare and contrast essay. One more type of theology and religion essay purpose that I would like to suggest involves comparisons. You may write an article that deliberately compares and contrasts two opposing sides or sectors of a religion or theology.

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