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Data Gathering Procedure

There are many ways for a researcher to gather data for his analysis goals. That is why it is important that you know some data gathering procedures to help you solve the hypothesis that you have expressed in your essay research paper. So what are the different types of data acquisition techniques that I can use?

First of all you should understand that data gathering is not required for all types of research papers. For example, if you are going to write a narrative essay, you would not mind going through the process of data gathering because you will merely tell a story. But for a more developed research parameter, it is important that you know whether to use data gathering procedures or not. In any narrative essay topic for example, you are not required to gather data in numerical forms because there is nothing that you need to prove in the story other than to simply tell a story.

One of the most common techniques in data gathering procedures is surveying. This is done by creating a set of questions and then distributes them to the target respondents. The questions should be dealing only with the topic interest of the research.

Another good data gathering procedure that you can consider is interviewing. This process may take a lot of time and effort but at least you can immediately capture the true feelings and opinions of your respondents.

Data mining is another type of a data gathering procedure that is much easier than the previous two sets of techniques. You simply need to go t a library or a research institution in order to gather data from already tabulated sources. From tables to graphs, you can simply recode these data into your computer to serve as your numerical analysis resource. Most history research paper topics will use this kind of data gathering procedure.

One last data gathering procedure that I like to suggest is laboratory experimentation. This is the technique where you can control the environment and setup a benchmark for all the results. It may not be too easy to complete an experiment but you can be assured that your results are reliable and credible.

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  • maggie

    thanks for this information!this will really help me and my groupmates doing our researh work!:)

  • admin

    You are welcome, Maggie. Always willing to help.

  • Scott Clark

    Hello, i’m currently taking Marketing research class. We are assigned a project to create the marketing plan for various business, we are supposed to think of one we would like to open. So I selected opening a night club. Which data gather procedure should I use? i was thinking about interviewing.

  • admin

    Dear Scott, you are definitely right with your assumptions. Taking interviews really is the best data gathering procedure to use in your case.

  • Tommy

    What is actually better for data gathering procedure? Library or Internet?

  • Support1

    Dear Tommy!

    That depends a lot on the subject of your research. Internet has a lot but not all and nothing really will ever substitute a good thick book written by a known author.

  • Gracedale

    Thanks for the helpful page. This will help me not only in my research but also in my written output for finals. ^_^ God bless and more power!

  • Renzcristine

    ,.,thank for the info i have read.
    ,.,it really helped me a lot.
    ,.,gOd bLeSs

  • editor

    Hi Renzcristine,
    Thank you, hope this article has helped you.

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