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You have already experienced writing different essays in your high school education. However, the process does not end there since college essays are still required for you to write in the tertiary level of learning. But what is the major characteristic of a college essay that differentiates it from middle school types?


A college essay topic interest is more specific. Because you will be dealing with a course subject, your essays will be targeting topics that are related to your field of interest. Of course in general education subjects, you can still write good essay topics in freehand but when it comes to subject parameters that largely involve your course program, your topics should at least follow the curriculum standard subject scopes.


Unlike in high school, college essays almost always follow a research procedure of writing. A term paper format sample can be used to understand what we mean about this high level structure. Previously you are used to writing an essay with introduction, body and conclusion parts. For college essays, the additional parts like data, analysis, and literature review may be needed.


The procedures in citing relevant sources are maintained in a college essay. You can utilize MLA, APA and Harvard styles of writing just like you have done before. In-text citation, bibliography page writing and pagination will all still apply.


A college essay may also have the same goals of writing like in a high school level. For example, you can still use the principles involved in comparative essay writing, argumentative types, persuasive and expository styles of constructing an essay

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